Te huarahi tūmahi wheako
Experience pathway: S13

The purpose of section 13  

If you don’t have a SWRB-recognised social work qualification*, but you do have significant experience in social work, you may be eligible to be registered as a social worker through the Experience pathway.  

The application criteria 

To apply, we want you to demonstrate your employment experience, relevant CPD, record of supervision, and a demonstration of your social work practice through a case study and competence assessment.  We will also want endorsements from your colleagues including registered social workers, your supervisor, and employer. All of this is covered in the template you need to complete.

Experience Pathway: S13 Template

The Board decision making criteria 

The Board will need to be satisfied that you are competent to practise social work, have enough experience, are a safe practitioner and meet our fit & proper criteria. 

We welcome applications in English and Te Reo Māori. 

*If you have an historical social work qualification, check both lists on this page before going any further because you may be able to apply under a NZ qualification pathway.