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You can find out if your social worker is registered by clicking on the following:

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Know your rights

It is important to know your rights when receiving services from a registered social worker, who is trained to support and protect you and your family.

Registered social workers adhere to a Code of Conduct that requires them to have high standards of practice. This means they should always:

  • act with integrity
  • be competent
  • respect you
  • uphold your rights:
    • your right to decide
    • your right to privacy
    • your right to confidentiality
    • your right to make an informed choice

There is a complaints and disciplinary process for any registered social worker who breaches this code.

If you feel that a registered social worker has breached the Code of Conduct, start by talking to the person or organisation involved, or contact us.

Making a complaint

If you want to make a complaint about a registered social worker, you will need to follow a set process – go to our Concerns and Complaints page.