Te Hoki ki te Mahi
Return to Practice

The SWRB is currently updating a policy for social workers returning to practice. Until that’s in place, the policy is as follows and differs according to how long your break in practice has been.

Less than 3 years

Registered social workers who wish to return to practice following a break in practice of less than three years* can apply for a Practising Certificate through the online portal, MySWRB, on the SWRB website. If you are logging in for the first time, instructions to access your account are on the lefthand side. Please follow the prompts.

More than 3 years

Registered social workers who have not held a Practising Certificate for three years or more should contact the SWRB at applications@swrb.govt.nz.

You may be required to complete a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) log, practice study, and a self-reflection. If it has been more than 3 years after the expiry of your last practising certificate there will be a cost of $345, which will be invoiced when you apply.

*The Social Workers Registration Act 2003 requires an application for a Practising Certificate to be referred to the SWRB Board if the SWRB Registrar believes or suspects the applicant has not held a Practising Certificate in the previous three years.

Been living overseas?
Have you been living outside of New Zealand for more than 12 months any time in the last 10 years? If yes, then you will need to submit a police certificate from the countries you have been living in for 12 months or more.