The SWRB has recently undertaken a review of the fees we charge social workers, as part of our commitment to be transparent and accountable.

As a result, the fee for the Practising Certificate has been kept at $368. In fact, there has not been an increase in the practising fee since 2010, unlike rising charges in many other professions.

We’ve also kept the cost for an application to become a registered social worker the same as last year, at $345. We are restoring a disciplinary levy of $50 to fairly reflect costs. Find out more about the funding review following the fees set out below.

2019/2020 Fees

(includes GST)

Apply to register with a NZ qualification or an overseas qualification $ 345
Practising Certificate application (initial and annual) $ 368
New Graduate first Practising Certificate application $ 268
Disciplinary levy (initial and annual) $ 50
Assessment of overseas qualification (non-binding) (section 7) $ 300
Initial assessment part 1 Experience Pathway (section 13) $ 276
Assessment full Experience Pathway (section 13) $ 1,400
Re-processing of lapsed registration application $ 345
Competence assessment (overseas) application $ 255.55
Competence assessment in person (face to face) $ 3,102.70
Copies of certificates or entries $ 46
Replacement Practising Certificate identification card $ 20
Recognition and Re-recognition of a New Zealand social work education programme application Up to $29,900
Mid-cycle review of a SWRB recognised New Zealand social work education programme Up to $10,350