Technical issue with latest Onboard mailing 

There was a technical error when Onboard was mailed to our email list yesterday. In one of the articles the recipient’s email address was displayed within the text of the article. 

We would like to reassure everyone receiving Onboard by email, that the version they received was specific to them. Their email address has not been shared with anyone else. Every person receiving Onboard has had the same issue where their own email address has been inserted into the body of Onboard. 

The preparation of Onboard includes proofreading and internal test emails. It appears that the issue has occurred after this stage and is technical in nature. We will be investigating the cause to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Email addresses were inserted in place of ‘email’ where it appeared in the words voicemails and emails. Inserting the recipient’s email seems to have occurred at the point of sending. 

We are sorry for the concern that this may have caused those affected. We thank you everyone who has been in touch to alert us to this situation.