New database & MySWRB

We have transitioned to a new database and created an online portal, MySWRB, which is an exciting development.

You will be able to create an account by logging into MySWRB and then you’ll be able to apply for registration, update your details, renew your Practising Certificate and do much more.

You’ll find the login for MySWRB on the top right hand corner of the home page of the website.

MySWRB will be able to be used by social workers, social work students, and employers in the social work sector. We hope it will be a much easier process than previously to apply to register, and to view documents, invoices, and emails.

MySWRB is expected to streamline the registration process as when you create an account to apply to register, your documents will be able to be directly uploaded, and information will be easily accessed. To speed up the application process, we suggest preparing all necessary documents in advance prior to submitting your application.

If you’re already a registered social worker, you’ll be able to update your details; pay, renew, and download your Practising Certificate; and view your invoices and emails. 

Social work students will be able to create an account which allows them to subscribe to newsletters and hear directly from the SWRB while employers will be able to record their organisation’s details, keep track of invoices, and be able to subscribe to newsletters and updates.  

We anticipate there may be a few initial teething issues with the new system so bear with us and if you have a question about an application in progress please contact us at