Professional Conduct Committees – new members needed

We are seeking new members to serve on Professional Conduct Committees (PCCs). The PCCs are important in public safety and the regulation of social work by ensuring that social workers are competent and safe to practise. PCCs are independent statutory bodies established to investigate complaints, convictions and reports concerning registered social workers.

We are inviting expressions of interest for different roles:

  • Lay members of PCCs. Lay members are people who are not practising social work.
  • Registered social worker members of PCCs. Social workers for this role should have at least five years’ experience of practising social work and hold a current practising certificate.

This call is now closed. The closing date for expressions of interest was 15 September 2022.

The role of PCCs

Registered social workers are expected to uphold standards of practice and conduct that are described in the Social Workers Registration Act 2003 (the Act).

About the SWRB

The Social Workers Registration Board – Te Kāhui Whakamana Tauwhiro  (SWRB), is a Crown entity and the regulatory authority responsible for the registration of social workers. Its primary functions are to:

  • protect the safety of members of the public by ensuring that social workers are competent, fit to practise, and accountable for the way in which they practise; and
  • enhance the professionalism of social workers.

As the SWRB, we recognise our Crown-Māori commitment as a te Tiriti o Waitangi partner, and are committed to improving services and outcomes for Māori, strengthening the Crown’s relationship with Māori, and developing our Māori capability.

We are guided by our organisational values of matatika, manaaki, mahitahi and māia in all our activities and functions.

The role of PCC members

PCC members assist in the investigations of matters referred to the PCC by the SWRB, seeking advice from the legal advisor as required. They are expected to understand and follow the principles of natural justice. They contribute to PCC’s decisions and reports and review and advise (when appropriate) on charges drafted by the legal advisor/prosecutor for filing in the Social Workers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal.

The workload can vary but would typically be between three and five hours per week per PCC.

Members are expected to be reasonably available and able to participate in meetings and interviews during normal business hours.

One member of the PCC will preside. Typically, this involves taking on additional administrative responsibilities, taking the lead in meetings and interview, and ensuring the PCC is progressing in a timely fashion. The presiding member can be a lay member or a registered social worker, and we are interested to hear from people who would be willing to take on the presiding member role.

Members are paid for their time participating in PCCs. The current rate is $50ph for normal lay and social worker members, and $80ph for presiding members.

You can read more in the role descriptions:

Role description for PCC lay member

Role description for registered social worker member of PCC

Expressing an interest in the role

This call for expressions of interest is now closed. The closing date for applications was 15 September 2022.