Media Statement

Social Workers Registration Board welcomes plans for mandatory registration

Today the Chair of the Social Workers Registration Board, Shayne Walker, welcomed the Government’s announcement to introduce legislation to allow for mandatory registration of social workers.

“The Board are very pleased with the news that mandatory registration is to be implemented,’ said Board chair, Shayne Walker. “This follows the recommendations made by the Board in its review of the Act, and the legal issues paper that was before the Social Services Select Committee. We are particularly pleased with the opportunity this presents to strengthen the regulatory framework for the sector, increase the professionalism and competence of social workers and provide greater protection for the public.”

Our review estimated that there are around 2,000 people who are currently not registered but are working in social work roles. One of the challenges we will face is to ensure people are clear about their obligations and requirements once mandatory registration is introduced. We will work with government and the sector to ensure that the message gets out”.

“Social workers play a hugely important role, working with some of our most vulnerable children and adults. Those families and individuals require and deserve well trained and skilled staff – and mandatory registration will help ensure that will occur, and that the profession of social work is recognised and trusted,” stated Sarah Clark, CE of the Social Workers Registration Board. ”We know this legislation will generate much interest and discussion, and we look forward to following its progress through the select committee process.”

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Sarah Clark, Chief Executive Social Workers Registration Board