Glossary of SWRB terms

Authorised employers
SWRB authorised employers are those who have opted-into the SWRB Portal so that they can pay for their employees’ registration and/or practising certificate fees online. You can read more on our page for authorised employers.
Code of ConductThe Code of Conduct sets out the minimum professional standards of integrity and conduct that apply to Registered Social Workers in Aotearoa New Zealand. It also informs people receiving social work services and the public about the standards that they can expect from social workers. The Code is developed and maintained by the Social Workers Registration Board.
The Code is secondary legislation. It complements the legal obligations social workers have under the Social Workers Registration Act 2003, and other relevant legislation, practice standards, and guidelines, including the SWRB’s Core Competence Standards and the ANZASW Code of Ethics.
Continuing Professional Development (in the SWRB context)
Continuing professional development is a commitment by social workers to maintain and improve their cultural competence, professional skills and knowledge as part of increasing their professional expertise and competence in social work practice. Practising social workers are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of CPD annually. They commit to completing this as part of their declaration for renewing their Practising Certificate.
Core Competence Standards
The SWRB Ten Core Competence Standards reflect the practice standards required of registered social workers in Aotearoa New Zealand. The core competence standards apply to all competence assessment processes that are set and approved by the Social Workers Registration Board and should be read alongside the SWRB’s Code of Conduct and the ANZASW Code of Ethics. Together they set out the minimum standards of practice for the social work profession in New Zealand.
Experience Pathway: S13Experience Pathway: S13 is a registration pathway for applicants who do not hold an SWRB-recognised social work qualification but who have extensive experience practising as a social worker in Aotearoa New Zealand. Registration through the experience pathway is permitted under section 13 of the Social Workers Registration Act 2003.
He Arapaki
He Arapaki is the SWRB’s Māori developmental strategy and action plan. 

Arapaki is the Whanganui word for tukutuku (panels)
Ara – pathways
Paki – stories & narratives

He Arapaki is the transference of knowledge, pathways of stories and discoveries.
Mahatahi is one of the SWRB values. Mahitahi: to work together as one, collaborate, cooperate, co-design, connect, interact, reciprocate, discuss, debate, work in unity with teamwork and synergy.
Māia is one of the SWRB values. Māia: to be bold, brave, capable, confident, courageous, and have endurance, strength, resilience.
Manaaki is one of the SWRB values. Manaaki: to look after the dignity of others, to support, to tend to, take care of, protect, look out for, show respect, generosity and kindness towards others.
Matatika is one of the SWRB values. Matatika: to do what is right and just, ethical, fair, equitable, honest, unbiased, impartial, moral, trustworthy.
Scope of Practice
The General Scope of Practice has been developed as a high-level description of social work in Aotearoa New Zealand. It applies to practitioners working across all fields of practice and the breadth of social work roles. It supports a shared identity for social workers and establishes a common understanding of social work in this country.
Social Workers Registration Board (SWRB) /
Kāhui Whakamana Tauwhiro

The Social Workers Registration Board/Kāhui Whakamana Tauwhiro is a Crown agent, which is the regulatory authority responsible for the registration of social workers. It also has a cabinet-designated role in workforce planning and the crown agent’s role to be accountable and meet the requirement of Government expectations. The SWRB is committed to improving services and outcomes for Māori, strengthening the Crown’s relationship with Māori, and developing its Māori capability.
The SWRB Board
The Board is the governing body of the Social Workers Registration Board under the Crown Entities Act. The Board is made up of four registered social workers and three lay members who are appointed by the Minister of Social Development.