Seeking experienced social workers

Call for expressions of interest to become assessors of social work experience and competence 

He ara pūkenga, he ara tauwhiro, hei whakamana mātā waka  

The many pathways of knowledge, the many pathways of social work, upholding the dignity of all 

We are looking for experienced social workers to become kaiarotake for social work applicants applying to register through the S13: Experience pathway.  

Kaiarotake: Assessors of social work experience and competence.  

Kai – agent (person) 
Aro – to pay attention to, take heed, take notice of, to consider 
Take – topic, subject, matter, issue, concern, reason, purpose 

What is the S13: experience pathway? 

Generally, social workers are required to have a prescribed New Zealand qualification or the overseas equivalent to become registered. However, Section 13 of the Social Workers Registration Act 2003 provides for registration based on practical experience. It is designed to acknowledge the contributions of social workers who have been working in their communities prior to recognised social work qualifications becoming more accessible. If the Board is satisfied that a person applying for registration based on experience meets the criteria in the Act the Board may register the applicant. 

Find out more about the experience pathway: Experience pathway: S13 | Social Workers Registration Board ( 

The Board’s decision on whether an applicant meets the criteria for registration is informed by the advice of the Kaiarotake, SWRB Social Work Advisory Team and the Registrar (referred to as the assessment rōpū). 

The assessment rōpū 

Each rōpū needs to have expertise in Te Ao Māori, social work practice, social work education, SWRB guidelines and policies as well as legislative requirements.  

Kaiarotake assess whether an applicant has enough practical experience to compensate for the lack a recognised social work qualification, by assessing: 

  • practical experience   
  • competence, and  
  • competence to practise with Māori and other ethnic and cultural groups.   

The process relating to other registration criteria is undertaken by SWRB staff.  

Kaiarotake assessment involves a preliminary written assessment which is often followed by a hui with the applicant and their supporter/s. 

The assessment outcome is guidance for the Board to be able to assess an application for registration under section 13 of our Act. 

The criteria for kaiarotake 

For their valuable role in the assessment process, kaiarotake must meet the following criteria:  

  • be a registered social worker 
  • hold a current practising certificate 
  • understand and demonstrate application of te Tiriti o Waitangi principles  
  • participate in regular professional supervision (at least monthly)  
  • be experienced in social work practice, and or education 
  • be recommended or endorsed by another registered social worker. 

Kaiarotake are paid an hourly rate for their time spent on assessments and supporting the work of the Board. 

The expected time commitment is approximately 20-30 hours per month. There is a monthly wānanga for ongoing development of all assessment rōpū members. 

Most of the work will be done remotely unless a hui is requested to be in person.  

Due to the number of expressions received, this call is now closed. Thank you to all those who have submitted their interest.