Changing Child Welfare Conference

The Kempe Centre, Denver, Colorado, is hosting its second International virtual conference on Changing Child Welfare on October 4-7th 2021.

The conference will bring together innovators, community members, practitioners and leaders in the field to share and learn from each other. They will discuss some of the newest ideas for practice, family and community engagement, policy and organisational change.

Join this wider international community of young people, family, practitioners, activists, managers, academics, Indigenous and organisational leaders who are committed to improving and changing Child Welfare services.

The conference is a truly international event bringing together interested practitioners, family members, academics from around the world. 

The virtual nature of the conference enables you to dip and out of sessions, at different points of the conference. There are keynotes, real-time international Roundtables, workshops, discussion groups and meeting places.

All the sessions are recorded so if you miss something you can revisit it anytime within the forthcoming year.

This 4 day international conference is $100 USD for the entire 4 day period. The conference for children and family members is free.

To register for the conference or learn more, go to