Board meeting dates – 2023

The SWRB Board meets throughout the year to approve registration applications. Only a completed application will go forward to the SWRB Board for approval. An application for registration must go through all the required checks and have police results back before going to a Board meeting.

Applications that require reviewing prior to approval i.e. Fit & Proper concerns & Section 13, have specific dates scheduled throughout the year (these exclude electronic Board dates).

Board lists close 10 working days prior to a Board meeting to allow our staff time to process the information required for our Board members.

If you have provisional registration and have now completed the requirements for full registration, this needs to be approved by the Board and you will be added to the next available Board meeting.

You will receive an email when your application is going forward to the Board and again, once the Board has approved your registration.

Board meeting dates – 2023

3 March
28 April
22 & 23 June
25 August
26 & 27 October
8 December

The SWRB Board also reviews registration applications during their electronic meetings which are held on a fortnightly basis.