We will be changing the way we measure competence over the next couple of years to line up with best practice. The competence of social workers is vitally important to the SWRB, and we will be introducing a range of measures.

Under amendments to the Social Workers Registration Act in 2019, all social workers will need to be registered by 28 February 2021, and have a valid Practising Certificate, renewed each year.

The changes also have an impact on competence, and include the following:

  • There is no longer a competence assessment required for New Zealand-qualified social workers, at the time you apply for registration
  • Educational institutions will be required to sign off on the competence of each graduate
  • There is no longer any need to do a competence re-certification every five years
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) logs will be audited annually.

*Social workers who hold overseas qualifications are still required to complete a competence assessment when first registering.

When the new competence measures are developed, we will update this information.

Continuing Professional Development audits

Once registered, social workers are required to maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities in a CPD log.

While there is no longer a need to do a competence re-certification every five years, the SWRB will be carrying out an annual audit of CPD logs.

You are required to keep your CPD log up to date and be ready to be audited each year.

CPD ensures that social workers stay current, are aware of best evidence in their field of practice, consolidate existing knowledge, and continue to develop new skills and awareness.