Re-Certification still required

No Change to re-certification requirements between now and any legislative changes:

Recertification requirements remain the same until any changes are made to the SWR Act – and the legislation has been passed. Initially we believed this would be towards the end of this year, however, it now looks likely this will occur in the first quarter of 2019. Please note, there is NO date yet determined as to when changes would come into effect but we will keep you up to date as more information becomes available.

If you are due to re-certify between now and the end of the year please ensure that your CPD logs are with the SWRB at least 4 weeks prior to your current competence expiry date .

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements:

The proposed legislative amendments to the SWR Act currently before Parliament will change the five yearly re-certification process; in effect it will mean that registered social workers will not be required to re-certify every five years as at present.

However, registered social workers are still required to maintain their CPD logs which is in line with most other regulatory authorities and is a necessity of social work registration.

CPD requirements at this stage remain the same i.e.:

  • evidence a minimum of 20 hours of CPD each year
  • evidence and critically reflect on at least two different types of CPD each year
  • cover all ten of the SWRB core competence standards over a five-year period.
  • RSWs are encouraged to view the new CPD log exemplar on the website and commence using the new template as soon as practicable.

Once the legislation is passed the SWRB will be introducing a random CPD audit process.