Tribunal’s decisions

Complaints against registered social workers:


SWDT decision Harrison

The Disciplinary Tribunal found that registered social worker Chapman Harrison breached professional boundaries in relation to his interactions with a teenage girl who he met when she attended a youth programme he was in charge of, and with whom he shared whakapapa. She was in a vulnerable state, having suffered bullying and having a risk of self-harm. In addition to providing her with social work services without appropriate supervision (particularly given the conflict of interest), he allowed their personal relationship to develop in a way that went outside of his professional obligations, including sending text messages with inappropriate content and purchasing her personal gifts (a cell phone and perfume). Additionally, during this time, the Tribunal found that Mr Harrison was practising social work without having a practising certificate.

The Tribunal determined that Mr Harrison breached the Code of Conduct and that his conduct amounted to professional misconduct. They censured him and made orders that he undertake training on professional boundaries, cultural competence, and communication; and that he be subjected to a period of 2 years’ supervision. He was ordered to pay costs of $500. See full decision below.

SWDT decision Harrision


SWDT decision Luisi

The Social Workers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal found registered social worker Robert Luisi was employed as a social worker but worked without a practising certificate for several years. The Tribunal censured Mr Luisi and ordered him to pay a fine and a portion of costs. See full decision below.

SWDT decision Luisi