Interim Practising Certificates

These are challenging times as the country locks down in an extraordinary effort to stamp out COVID-19, and the SWRB has recognised the need for everyone to help out and pull together.

There is likely to be a greater demand for social services during this period, and we would like to help out by issuing Interim Practising Certificates for those social workers who are registered and would like to assist in the community efforts by returning to practice.

Recognising the pressure that the sector is under, we will waive the fees for those working for, or who have an offer of work from, NGOs (non-government organisations) if the work is directly connected to the pandemic response.

You may be eligible for an Interim Practising Certificate if you:

  • are registered
  • don’t have a current Practising Certificate
  • have an offer of work from an NGO (non-government organisation) to directly assist in the pandemic response, volunteer or otherwise.
  • You meet our normal Practising Certificate requirements

This is a temporary Practising Certificate that is valid until 30th June, 2020.

Please apply by filling out this form:

Interim Practising Certificate application

We will endeavor to process your application, once your form is received, within two working days. Please send your completed form and your employer confirmation via email to the SWRB at