Mandatory reporting

You as an employer are now required to report to the SWRB if you have any concerns about any of your social workers in regard to serious misconduct, health issues, and competence.

This is part of changes required under legislation as public safety is paramount. There is further information below:

Serious Misconduct

Employers are required to report promptly and in writing to the SWRB if they believe a social worker they employ has engaged in serious misconduct.

Criteria for mandatory reporting are currently being developed.

Health issues

Employers are required to report to the SWRB any health issues that may be impacting upon the social worker’s practice.


If an employer has concerns about a social worker’s competence, there is a two step process:

  1. The first step for the employer is to investigate and provide assistance to improve competence. 
  2. If there are still issues after assistance to improve competence, the employer must report that to the SWRB.

If you are not sure about whether to report an issue, please call us on:

04 931 2650 or freephone 0508 797 269

Supporting staff

Employers’ support of social workers is appreciated. As the sector shifts to mandatory registration, you can show this support by encouraging social workers to become registered and to hold a valid Practising Certificate, which is renewed each year. Registered social workers are also required to do 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development each year.