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Concerns and complaints

The Code of Conduct sets out the professional standards social workers are measured against and expected to meet.

If you have concerns about the standard of social work service you have received, we suggest, that in the first instance you:

  1. discuss them with the social worker involved and, if that is not possible
  2. write to the social worker or their manager outlining your concerns.

This approach is usually the fastest way of resolving an issue.

The SWRB can only consider concerns about the conduct, competence, or fitness to practice of registered social workers. We do not usually investigate:

  • employment disputes
  • anonymous notifications
  • complaints that are currently being investigated by another body, such as the Health and Disability Commissioner or the social worker’s employer
  • concerns involving breaches of other legislation, which should be made to the Police or relevant agency in the first instance.

If you remain concerned about an issue with a registered social worker or if it has not been resolved, you can contact the SWRB by completing the online complaints form below.

The SWRB’s focus is on public safety and improving professional standards. We believe this is best achieved by focusing on education and other non-disciplinary means, where possible.

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