Non-binding assessment of an Overseas qualification

Overseas Qualified Applicants

If you were educated overseas, are seeking registration as a social worker in New Zealand and your qualification is not recognised under the mutual agreement with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), a non-binding assessment of your overseas qualifications is required before you apply for registration (the mutual agreement only covers social work qualifications completed in Australia and accredited by the AASW).

Please note that we do not accept New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZAQ) assessments of overseas qualifications.


The non-binding assessment will inform you whether your qualification is equivalent to the minimum standard of qualifications required for registration in New Zealand. The results of a non-binding assessment do not guarantee registration. If your qualification is assessed as being equivalent to that of a NZ recognised social work qualification, an online application for registration is available and will need to be completed for those seeking registration.

Download the form:

Non Binding Application Form 2018

Non Binding Application Guide Notes

The fee for the non-binding Assessment is NZ $300.00 inc GST. This is a non refundable fee.

Your non-binding assessment can be emailed to our office at