Annual Practising Certificate

The Annual Practising Certificate (APC) is issued to Registered Social Worker’s who meet the requirements set by the SWR Board. The APC is valid for up to twelve months until 30 June each year.

Information on renewing your APC is emailed to Registered Social Worker’s by the SWRB in May each year for completion by 30 June.

It is important for employers to note that a Registered Social Worker will be committing an offence if she or he practises without an APC.

Registered Social Workers who apply for an APC will have to meet certain minimum recertification requirements. This includes undertaking of continuing professional development, maintaining regular supervision and meeting required practice standards.

Online APC renewal process must be completed in full by the Registered Social Worker. It is the Registered Social Workers responsibility to ensure their APC is current and in place before they practice.

If you employ a Registered Social Worker they should have an APC if:

  • They are using their social work skills, knowledge and expertise in their job
  • They call themselves a Registered Social Worker
  • Their job description requires them to hold an annual practising certificate

For more details please read our policy below or for more SWRB policies please click here

When An Annual Practising Certificate Is Required

Renewal of Annual Practising Certificate