Section 13 Application

Qualifying for registration through experience:  Section 13 Registration

Most social workers are eligible for registration through completing a recognised social work qualification.  However another pathway is available for those who have extensive practical experience in social work but no social work qualification. This is allowed under Section 13 of the Social Workers Registration Act (2003).

The Board considers each application for Section 13 registration on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are required to establish that their practical experience in practising social work in New Zealand is enough to compensate for the lack of a qualification. Board staff are available to provide assistance and clarification in preparing an application.

The Board has a two-part process for establishing whether an applicant meets the requirements for Section 13 – the level of practical experience that someone has attained, and whether that experience adequately compensates for the lack of a social work qualification. Both aspects must be addressed.

Download the SECTION 13 ‘Social Work Practice Framework’ template:

Full Social Work Practice Framework 2018