Do I need an APC?

What is an Annual Practising Certificate?

An Annual Practising Certificate (APC) is issued by the Social Workers Registration Board (SWRB) each year on 1 July and states that you are legally able to practise social work as a Registered Social Worker in New Zealand.

Who can apply for an Annual Practising Certificate?

You can apply for an Annual Practising Certificate if:

  • your name is on the public register of Registered Social Workers
  • you make a statutory declaration that you are a fit and proper person to hold an APC
  • you have a current Competency Certificate
  • you have paid your renewal fee.

Who must have an Annual Practising Certificate?

You must have an Annual Practising Certificate if you are practising social work. This includes:

  • working directly with clients
  • managing and/or supervising other social workers
  • teaching social work practice or theory
  • being mentally engaged in social work decision making at any level be that in a clinical, managerial or advisory role.

Any Registered Social Worker practising without a current Annual Practising Certificate will be referred to our Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal, so make sure you renew before 30 June.