Annual Practising Certificate

A Registered Social Worker’s current and legal registration status is dependent on holding an Annual Practising Certificate (APC) and valid competence certificate. An APC is valid from 1 July to 30 June each year.

Information on renewing your APC is emailed to Registered Social Worker’s by the SWRB in May each year for completion by 30 June.

An APC takes effect as soon as you complete the online renewal process and payment is received by the SWRB. When the online renewal has been processed and approved, an Annual Practising Certificate and an APC ID Card will be issued.

Online renewal process must be completed in full by the Registered Social Worker.

ENSURE that you advise the SWRB before completing the online renewal process of any changes to your:

  • Name
  • Work Address for the Register
  • Residential Address and Mailing Details

Name change

As a Registered Social Worker you are legally required to inform the Board if you change your name (for example, through marriage).

Download the ‘Change of Name‘ form, complete and mail to the SWRB office:

Change of Name and Statutory Declaration

Residential, mailing or work address change

Registered Social Workers are legally required to inform the Board of residential, mailing or work place address changes.

You can update your details anytime by logging into your APC online account anytime or alternatively email