Maintain registration

As a registered social worker, you are required to:

Provisional registration

If you are provisionally registered and want to move to full registration, you will need to complete your CPD log and 2000 hours of supervised social work practice in New Zealand.

Below is the confirmation of hours form to be completed by your manager/supervisor.

Confirmation of hours

Name change

As a registered social worker you are legally required to inform the SWRB if you change your name or you are practising under a different name than we have you registered under.

Download the ‘Change of Name‘ form, complete and mail to the SWRB office.

Change of Name and Statutory Declaration

Statutory Declaration

Residential, mailing or work address change

Registered social workers are legally required to inform the SWRB of residential, mailing or work place address changes.

You can update your details any time by logging into your Practising Certificate online account any time or alternatively email at